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PSA: SpongeForge RB 2931 for Minecraft 1.12.2

Тема в разделе "Официальные новости Sponge", создана пользователем RuBukBot, 20 фев 2018.

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    PSA: SpongeForge RB 2931 for Minecraft 1.12.2
    @Zidane wrote:

    Greetings Sponge!

    Continuing with our commitment to declaring recommended builds, we have decided on a build a bit earlier than this coming Saturday (for those keeping track) due to a number of big ticket items fixed since RB 2900. Some of those are:

    Minecart crashes: https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeForge/issues/2016

    Dupes with block drops: https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeForge/issues/2015

    … plus several other bug fixes.

    As of 2931 and going forward, the Sponge team has also made the decision to set deny-chunk-requests to false by default in all newly created configuration files due to various issues with mods. We have decided to leave the option there for server admins who understand the risks and want to squeeze out a bit more performance. We expect SpongeVanilla servers to largely leave this turned on (due to the lack of additional code interfering from a mod).

    Get it here: SpongeForge RB 2931

    PS Did you see that we’ve bumped the Forge build we target to the Forge recommended build 2611? No? Get it here: Forge downloads site (be sure to choose the recommended build)

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