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SpongeAPI 7.2 and SpongeForge/SpongeVanilla Recommended Build 7.2.0 Released!

Тема в разделе "Официальные новости Sponge", создана пользователем RuBukBot, 29 мар 2020.

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    SpongeAPI 7.2 and SpongeForge/SpongeVanilla Recommended Build 7.2.0 Released!
    @dualspiral wrote:

    Hey folks, some exciting news for you today - we have released API 7.2 and corresponding recommended builds!

    WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU UPDATE YOUR SERVERS TO SPONGEFORGE/SPONGEVANILLA RB 7.2.0 AS SOON AS YOU CAN. There is a potential exploit in earlier builds that could enable Denial of Service attacks against your server. In the interests of giving people time to update we will not discuss the issue at this moment in time. Thank you for your understanding.

    SpongeAPI 7.2

    API 7.2 comes with new features and API endpoint to expand the capabilities of servers running Sponge on Minecraft 1.12.2! Some plugins may already be using these API features, but now they are official and won’t change for the rest of the API 7.x build that we release.

    For a full list of commits that have been made since the API 7.1 release, you can browse the commit history by clicking here. Some of the highlights are (this is not an exhasutive list):

    • New Data manipulators
      • PlainPagedData for unsigned books
      • ActiveItemData to access the item a Living entity is currently using
      • PotionTypeData and associated PotionType for getting the type of a potion
      • PotionColorData for getting the color of a potion
      • TargetedEntityData for use with ShulkerBullets
      • DisabledSlotsData for ArmorStands
      • AccelerationData for Fireballs
    • Various event additions and updates
      • Added UpdateAnvilEvent
      • Updated ChangeEntityEquipmentEvents
      • Added ClickInventoryEvent.Creative
      • Added PlayerSoundEvents
      • Added Position and Rotation subevents for MoveEntityEvent
      • Added many EventContextKeys
        • Many block event keys were added
        • USED_HAND has been added for interact events
    • Service updates
      • ContextualServices have been updated with better documentation
      • EconomyService now supports account deletions
    • Minor command updates
      • Added GenericArguments#requiringPermissionWeak
      • Added ability to filter commands based on source permission
      • Make the PatternMatchingElement not use regex by default for simpler matching, allowing elements containing [] to be matched with ease
    • Add Shulker and ShulkerBullet intefaces for representing these entities
    • Added Text replacement and removal methods
    • Updated Metrics collection states
    • Upgrade of the Sponge Schematic format to v2
    • Transactions now contain any intermediary transactions that took place to explain how a transaction came to be
    • Ability to get and set the phase of an active EnderDragon
    • Update Configurate to version 3.7

    There were 31 contributors to the API since 7.1 from both within the Sponge core team and the wider community, thank you all for your contributions!

    Sponge API 7.2 is now stable and no changes to the API will be made that breaks anything in 7.2. You can get it via our Maven repo (recommended) as described on our Docs, making sure you use the version 7.2.0. We also offer the API on the Sponge download site for those of you that do not use Gradle or Maven.

    Contributions for a potential API 7.3 are now welcome. We envisage that 7.x will be more community driven though PRs while we increase our focus on API 8 and MC 1.14.4 (and beyond!)

    Call to Arms: Sponge Docs!

    A new release means new information! And that means we need to go through our docs and add all the new goodies 7.2 brings. If you want to help us out and you consider yourself a wordsmith rather than a developer who can help with Sponge, please come give us a hand! Not sure where to start? Come ask us in the #docs channel in Discord - we’ll be glad to give you a hand!

    SpongeForge/SpongeVanilla Recommended Build: 7.2.0

    Our first recommended build of API 7.2 is actually not that large of a change since the last recommended build, 7.1.10.


    As stated at the beginning of the post, there is a potential exploit that could cause DoS style attacks on your server. You should upgrade immediately to be patched against this issue.

    Release Notes and Download

    The (non-API) changes are:

    • ClickInventoryEvent.NumberPress no longer causing item duplication
    • Entity#getValues(), Entity#getKeys() and Entity#getContainers() now supply all vanilla manipulators for the Entity this is called on
    • Fixed interaction events not being called correctly when left clicking in the air
    • Improve the outdated Mixin message to make it clearer what you have to do if an older version of Mixin is loaded before Sponge’s

    You can download these builds from our Downloads page, https://spongepowered.org/downloads

    In other news…

    We know that a lot of you are clamouring at the bit for 1.14.4 builds. We do not have an ETA and we know you all are incredibly disappointed that we haven’t had a 1.14.4 build yet. We are too, and we can only apologise for this. 1.14.4 does weigh heavily on our minds, we can assure you.

    While we’re working on 1.14.4, we ask that you remember that Sponge is a volunteer project and a lot of us have jobs and real lives that take precedence. Some of us have our hands full thanks to the current global situation. If you want it to go faster, come talk to us in #1dot14-updates. We mostly need developers right now, but as things get close to being usable, we will need people to help us write docs and do general testing.

    We would like to thank everyone who has come in and gotten their hands dirty helping with the 1.14.4 code. This has been a lot harder on everyone than we thought and your help will make this appear faster.

    Stay safe, keep well!

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