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SpongeAPI 7.3 and SpongeForge/SpongeVanilla Recommended Build 7.3.0 Released!

Тема в разделе "Официальные новости Sponge", создана пользователем RuBukBot, 30 авг 2020.

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    SpongeAPI 7.3 and SpongeForge/SpongeVanilla Recommended Build 7.3.0 Released!
    @dualspiral wrote:

    Hey all,

    SpongeAPI 7.3

    We have just released Sponge API 7.3, the latest update for SpongeAPI 7 targetted at Minecraft 1.12.2! We have some new goodies for developers to play with, such as:

    • Updated Configurate to 3.7.1.
    • Added totem particle effect to ParticleTypes.
    • Added SerializationBehaviors.METADATA_ONLY as a world serialisation type, meaning you can create worlds where chunks are not saved - good for game worlds that require resetting between rounds by just unloading and reloading them.
    • Added select and whilst to BlockRay to make how to use a block ray clearer.
    • Added a SaveChunkEvent.
    • Added an inbuilt Placeholder system for storing and using text tokens across plugins without the need for an external dependency.
    • Added ability to see which flags were used in a command via the CommandContext.
    • Added isAvailable to Location for checking if a Location's Extent is still valid.
    • Deprecated some methods on KickPlayerEvent and completely deprecated LaunchProjectileEvent.
    • Minor updates to some Javadocs.

    Sponge API 7.3 is now stable and no changes to the API will be made that breaks anything in 7.3. You can get it via our Maven repo (recommended) as described on our Docs , making sure you use the version 7.3.0 . We also offer the API on the Sponge download site for those of you that do not use Gradle or Maven.

    Contributions for a potential API 7.4 are now welcome.

    SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla Recommended Build 7.3.0

    Along with the release of SpongeAPI 7.3, we release the first build the supports this API, 7.3.0. Along with the API updates, some of the changes include:

    • Ensured that cancelling DamageEntityEvent cancels all damage effects.
    • Offering ConnectedDirectionsData to some blocks will now work as intended.
    • Fixed startup crash with Applied Energetics 2.
    • Added config option to disable neighbour notifcations in unloaded chunks.
    • Fixed Sponge choosing an incorrect transaction when in CraftItemEvent.Preview.
    • Fixes CollideEntityEvent containing the wrong cause.
    • Fix ItemStack builder not always pruning empty data containers causing an erroneous tag compound to appear.
    • Fixed various Configurate - DataContainer translator issues.
    • Fixed some entities being activated when they shouldn’t be.
    • Fixed UserStorageService sometimes throwing exceptions.
    • Fixed ClassCastException for AreaEffectCloudProcessor.

    You can download these builds from our Downloads page, https://spongepowered.org/downloads

    A Note on API 8 Development and Minecraft 1.14.4 1.15.2

    While we plan to have a fuller project status update in the next week or so, it would be amiss of me to not mention the latest news (which some of you developers/those of you that lurk on Discord will have noticed), SpongeAPI 8 is now targetting Minecraft 1.15.2, rather than 1.14.4. With the greater stability that 1.15.2 offers over 1.14.4, it makes sense for us to make the small hop to that version. This means that there will be no Sponge builds for 1.14.4, developers should have 1.15.2 in their mind as releases of Sponge for this platform get ever closer.

    Keep an eye out here for more news next week.

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