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Sponge Status Update - 2nd July 2017

Тема в разделе "Официальные новости Sponge", создана пользователем RuBukBot, 2 июл 2017.

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    Sponge Status Update - 2nd July 2017
    @Owen wrote:

    Well we're at the half-way point for 2017, so that means most of you will either be enduring the hot summer heat or huddling up close to your graphics card for warmth. Whatever the weather, our valiant Spongineers are still developing, documenting and discussing the myriad aspects of our little project and we sure hope that you're having fun tinkering around with it also!

    Sponge for Minecraft 1.12

    Work on the Sponge Implementations for 1.12 is proceeding smoothly, with experimental builds available for both the Vanilla and Forge versions. We encourage users to test these builds and report any bugs they may find, though please remember that experimental builds are not meant for use in production environments and care should be taken to ensure that data is backed up when using these builds.

    SpongeVanilla 1.12 Experimental Builds
    SpongeForge 1.12 Experimental Builds

    Of course if you'd like to see the work we've been getting up to, check out our Github or take a look at one of our Gource visualisations below:

    IRC and Discord

    As many of our long-time community members are no doubt aware, Sponge itself first started on Espernet IRC where you can talk with the team and the rest of the community in #sponge, #spongedev and #spongedocs.
    Over the past few months our Discord server has become rather popular also, so rather than have our community split across two platforms, the (not-so-mean) @Grinch has bridged them together with the help of our wonderful bot, Spongie!

    If you'd like to chat on either platform, you can join us here:

    Minecraft at the Sydney Opera House

    Minecraft events are rare to come by in the southern hemisphere, so it's nice to see that Microsoft are hosting a Minecraft Competition in Sydney this week! If you're down there on Monday afternoon, send me a tweet and say hi! There's also a chance for you to get some Sponge Merch, as I'll have a few SpongePowered Pens and a bunch of SpongePowered Carabiners to hand out to any fellow Sponge Enthusiasts!

    State of Sponge XIV

    On behalf of the Sponge Team, I am happy to announce that the next State of Sponge will take place in two weeks time on:

    July 15th @ 21:00 UTC

    For newcomers to State of Sponge who do not know what it is (besides a fancy name), the Sponge Team and friends host a livestream every so often where we reflect on our journey as a community, divulge our master plans for the project (Mwahahaha), and hang out on our very own Sponge Community Server while answering any questions you can throw at us.

    Important Links
    Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/spongepowered (usually live with music a hr ahead of official start time)
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpongePowered
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/spongeproject/

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